Getting your medical class 1 certificate

This will ensure that either you are fit to complete the training and pursue the career or identify that you have underlying medical issues that could prevent you from achieving your goals. The initial medical must be obtained from an Aeromedical Centre (AeMC), and once this has been done the yearly revalidations can be performed by a number of aviation medical examiners around Europe.

All you need to know about the pilot screening

Our screening and assessment have been introduced to benefit both our future pilot cadets and the airlines. It ensures the airline is getting a pilot who fits their organization and furthermore that the future student has the motivation and skills required to complete the training and get an airline job afterward.

5 Steps to Become an Airline Pilot

Even though piloting being the dream career for most, they tend to show some uncertainty when perusing their career in piloting. Challenging nature of the course, higher competition for the jobs and higher costs incurred with the training being the key downsides that refrain students from choosing their dream job. It should be admitted that being an airline pilot is never an easy task. Students have to go through myriad of challenges during the training to make him/her a perfect fit for impeccable tasks.

Future student pilot? All you need to know about pilot training

As piloting is an appealing, exciting, and highly rewarding job, many people have the dream of becoming an airline pilot from their childhood. Most out of them see it as a herculean task that could be improbable to achieve. But with the assistance and guidance from a proper flying school, the dream professional can be closer than it appears.

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