Aircraft engineering


Air Service Training Ltd. in Perth Scotland (AST) in cooperation with Keilir Aviation Academy has set up a local field office at the Keilir location in Ásbrú in Reykjanesbær where courses for certified Aircraft Engineering takes place.

Courses are all taught in English and the first part of the course begins with a general Aircraft Engineer education that includes academic as well as practical training.


  • Duration
    5 semesters
  • Tuition fee
    4.490.000 ISK
Course starts
  • Once a year (in the fall)
  • "Airline ready" engineer

    Employment opportunities are vast in the field of Aircraft Engineering and present a good opportunity for a further education and work development.

  • EASA approved

    All training is approved by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency.

  • International degree

With the world as the office

The European Aviation Safety agency (EASA) regulates all aviation activity in Europe. Engineers are licenced in the same way as pilots and air traffic controllers. An Engineer who is fully licensed can certify work, which has been performed on an aircraft, and return it to the skies.

Five semesters - part 66 license

This is a 5 semester accredited program for Aircraft Engineering ´Approved IR Part 66 Category B´ which is both theoretical and practical course including apprenticeship for Aircraft Engineers. The course follows both the curriculum published by EASA according to the European publishing of certificates and AST, which is professionally responsible for implementation and quality of each course. Those that graduate from AST acquires the full part 66 license.

Entry requirements

To qualify for the course in Aircraft Engineering with Keilir-AST you will need to meet these requirements:

  • High School Diploma
  • 18 years of age or above
  • Good knowledge in English both verbal and written

Price & Financing

Course price
4.490.000 ISK

The fees do not include living expenses or accommodation in Iceland. The tution fees are paid at the start of each study semester as follows:

  • 1. semester: ISK 1.300.000
  • 2. semester: ISK 1.300.000
  • 3. semester: ISK 630.000
  • 4. semester: ISK 630.000
  • 5. semester: ISK 630.000
Training in an inspiring and rewarding environment

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