Keilir Aviation Academy acquires one of Iceland’s largest flight schools

Keilir Aviation Academy has acquired the Icelandic Flight Academy (Flugskóli Íslands), one of the oldest operating flight schools in Iceland. After the purchase the school will operate over two dozen training aircraft and sophisticated flight simulators in Iceland’s major airports, with a collective student body totalling close to five hundred pilot students.

The Keilir group will be one of the largest flight schools in Europe, both in terms of students and fleet size

“We are very happy with the acquisition and believe that overall it will strengthen pilot training in Iceland. Keilir Aviation Academy is a relatively young school, although we have grown rapidly over the past few years. Our collective background as well as teacher and administrative experience will have a positive impact on pilot training in Iceland”, says Runar Arnason, Accountable Manager of Keilir Aviation Academy.

Baldvin Birgisson, Head of Training at Iceland Flight Academy adds that it will be with some regret that he departs with a school he has been running for close to thirty years.

“However we do look at this acquisition as a positive step. With a robust and stable school we will be able to contribute towards a continuing growth and development of pilot training in Iceland, as well as increase our service towards flight operators”.

The acquisition of the Icelandic Flight school will not affect the daily operation of the education, and practical training will continue at both Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik Airport, as well as at the domestic airports at Selfoss in South Iceland and Saudarkrokur in North Iceland.

Keilir Aviation Academy received support and assistance from KPMG in Iceland during the acquisition process.

. Photo: Hjalmar Arnason, Director of Keilir, Baldvin Birgisson and Gudlaugur Sigurdsson from Icelandic Flight Academy, and Runar Arnason, Accountable Manager of Keilir Aviation Academy.

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